Push-up competition with 4 girls


In this custom match we have four of our fit women going for it in a very interesting strength competition.

The girls are Ronda, Greta, Bianca and Nikita. They are all strong and well trained and the contest is based on push-ups. After posing and showing off their muscles, the 4 girls compete in several rounds of push-ups. The number of push-ups they have to do increases and you can enjoy to see them flexing their muscles.

One woman will have to give up for exhaustion. The other three continue until a second woman leaves. The two finalists go on for longer rounds and the fatigue is evident. There will be a very happy winner in the end, but it’s not over…

The two finalists will also engage in an arm wrestling match. One woman will prove to be the stronger one and obviously will enjoy flexing her guns to the camera. For all test of strength’s lovers….



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